Service packages
Service packages
Let's talk about the project

Interior architects play a crucial role in shaping the aesthetics and functionality of our living spaces. Consultations with an interior architect are not only for those planning a complete renovation or building from scratch. Even with small changes at home or in the office, I can provide valuable advice and ideas.

Consultation in the office
The consultation in the office is based on technical documentation. We focus on presenting ideas and discussing their feasibility.
Consultation on site
The consultation on-site differs from that in the office in that we work with the actual state after all changes in the project that occurred during construction. Such a consultation is particularly helpful for small changes and facilitates explaining the needs to those commissioning the work
For the determined ones
Basic package

Are you looking for a professional approach to interior space planning? My service of creating a functional layout in a 2D technical drawing is a crucial step towards creating a functional, aesthetic, and ergonomic space that meets your unique needs.

Inventory or work based on provided technical documentation.
I conduct a comprehensive inventory, taking into account the current technical condition of the facility. I meticulously analyze all architectural elements and installations based on the actual state or technical documentation.
The technical drawing is created in 2D technology, including space analysis, furniture and equipment layout, and consideration of installations and technical elements.
Few options to choose from
Extended package

In the 'extended' package, we invite you to discover precise projects in the form of 2D technical drawings and 3D interior visualizations.

Work approach
Inventory or work based on provided technical documentation.
Functional layouts
Functional layouts: 3-4 proposals, electrical socket placement, lighting points design, and ventilation layout in a 2D technical drawing.
3D interior visualization with a color scheme proposal, selection of finishing materials, furniture, accessories, and lighting.
In this package, the client independently selects and purchases materials suggested in the 3D visualization.
Extended help
Pakiet kompleksowy

For everyone who wants complex help

The advantages of the extended package include:
Functional layouts: 3-4 proposals + 3D interior visualization.
Selection of all interior furnishings by the architect – compilation of online shopping links and joint outings to stores in search of materials, furniture, and other accessories.
Consultation with contractors
Consultation with project contractors as part of handing it over for implementation.
Possible additional author's supervision during project implementation, which includes on-site visits and constant phone contact with contractors.
Turnkey project completion
Possible turnkey project completion including the purchase of accessories such as pillows, vases, flowers, plates, and cutlery.
Custom-made furniture
Custom-made furniture

Additionally, I specialize in designing custom furniture, covering areas such as kitchens, wardrobes, bathroom furniture, dressers, and tables. My approach is based on close collaboration with the client to understand their preferences, taste, as well as functional requirements for the furniture.

I initiate the design process with consultations, where we discuss your ideas and needs. Then, I proceed to the design phase, paying attention to every detail to create furniture that not only seamlessly fits into the spatial arrangement but also meets practical expectations.
I place great emphasis on the quality of materials and precision in execution. This allows me to ensure not only an aesthetic appearance but also durability and functionality.
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