1. Cookies, or “cookies”, are small text files sent by a website and saved on the User’s device. They are created by the web browser at the time of visiting a given page. They can be used when you visit the website again.
    Cookies are not used to identify users and the User’s identity is not determined on their basis.
  2. They are used to:
    • remembering your website preferences
    • creating anonymous statistics of website visits
    • creating history of viewed pages.

    They allow to realistically assess the interest in the website.

  3. Our website uses cookies to create anonymous statistics of website visits.
    The information is collected using the Google Analytics script. Our website does not collect information to determine the User’s identity.
  4. The software used for browsing websites stores cookies on the user’s end device by default. Browser users can change cookie settings to automatically block cookies.
    Changing the settings may limit some of the functionalities available on the website pages.
    Cookies can also be removed from the computer’s hard drive at any time.