It has been known for a long time that colors stimulate our mental and physical well-being. The color we choose determines our needs, preferences and temperament. Having knowledge of the psychology of color, we are able to use the right choice of colors to calm down, stimulate and induce to action, attract eyes, stimulate memory and blood circulation or strengthen the endurance of the body.

We will provide you with a short description of the meaning of several colors so that you can think about what your needs are and what color to support them with.


It allows us to think soberly, makes us more creative and open to suggestions. It calms emotions, relieves stress and increases well-being. Nobly brightens and enlarges the interior. Often, the excess of white in the interior makes us feel lonely, which is why it is not recommended to use it for people who feel lonely.


It is the color of sun, beach and summer. It awakens in us the will to live, makes us joyful, we have better memory and clearer thinking. In a room with yellow tones, we are more confident and make decisions faster. However, it is not recommended for people who are sensitive to criticism. Sometimes it worsens well-being and increases it accelerates the speed of irritation.


Fiery, carmine or nobly toned – it always stirs the blood in the veins and in the heart. It catches the eye, gives a sense of luxury and awakens even the most lethargic ones from coma. It is the color of success. We do not recommend it to people who are too nervous and agitated, as well as those suffering from hypertension and constantly tired, because it can overwhelm.


Perfect for the dining room – it stimulates the digestive system, has an optimistic effect on our well-being, attracts positive thoughts, arouses our willingness to act. It has a soothing effect on the nerves, but is not the best color for people suffering from claustrophobia and feeling lost.


The color of hope, creativity, creation and passion. It relaxes, regulates breathing, gives a sense of peace, security and balance. It makes it easier to make decisions, brightens the mind, increases self-esteem and adds optimism. It does not add energy to act, it makes us slower, but more composed.


Creativity, imagination, lightness. It lowers blood pressure, gives a feeling of coolness. It has a soothing effect for exhausted people looking for harmony and relaxation. It is not recommended for the depressed and upset. It helps to calm down and ensures a good sleep.


The color of generous, emotional but also imperious people. Cleans, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and metabolism. It reduces the appetite, helps to get rid of fears and obsessions. Not recommended for people who want to be accepted and oversensitive.


Honesty, reliability, order and a willingness to help are synonyms of bronze. It creates an aura of peace, harmony and security. It gives a feeling of warmth and stability. Bronze is not recommended for people who are closed in on themselves as it promotes isolation.


It determines the strength, affection and kindness of a person. The typically feminine color increases the sense of security, arouses sympathy and the willingness to play. It gently reduces muscle tension and promotes risk taking.