My recipe for a successful project ?

According to my clients, it is a unique and non-obvious combination of the features of being a person with a high sense of aesthetics and sensitivity with the features of a person with a strict, engineering and construction mind. This is exactly what my work looks like, leading from creative vision to reliable implementation.

I started working as an Interior designer in 2009. Since then I have gained a lot of experience and supplemented the knowledge achieved while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts.

In my work, I approach each project individually, because I believe that each of us is unique, so I want to create an uncommon and comfortable interior for every client. My goal and task is to fulfill your ideas and needs, which ultimately gives us all the expected satisfaction.

What does the profession of an Interior designer really mean?

The work of an Interior designer is a complex process that consists of many stages in which I play various roles. The first phase of cooperation begins with joint discussions with customers about their expectations. This is the time when I am like a journalist who conducts an interview and collects information, and like a psychologist who shows listening skills, empathy and sensitivity to understand the client’s needs.
The first meeting usually takes place at the construction site or in the interior to which the project relates. We determine the scope of work, the nature of the interior, the estimated budget and the duration of the project, as well as the start and end of the investment. The next step is my work in a privacy as an interior designer, which focuses on creating functional layouts so as to combine ideas with real room sizes and other guidelines and possibilities.

In the next stage, I become a virtual builder who create interiors in a computer program for 3D visualization, and soon afterwords I become a painter who gives color to the resulting solids.
Then I turn into an electrician who gives the interior light and glow, only to cast a romantic shadow in a moment.
I consult the resulting project consisting of visualization and technical documentation with individual contractors of various industries who will perform construction works or provide materials. They include, among others plumbers, electricians, carpenters, furniture makers, tilers, decorative plaster contractors and floor and door assemblers, all in order to carry out the project as reliably as possible.
As you can see, an interior designer works on many levels. It would seem that this is an individual office work, and in fact the architect is personally involved in all areas related to interior finishing, so that he can complete and present the project with satisfaction.